The #SundayCurrently - Volume 3

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Reading The Real Boy by Anne Ursu, after finishing Creech's The Boy on the Porch and Frost's Salt. All amazing reads.

Writing First short story is due Tuesday, so I'm knee deep in the world of my main character. It's a sad, misunderstood teenage sort of world, where things don't end quite well. This story is so important to me, and terribly difficult to write because I feel I owe this character a chance at having a voice.  So much I want to do in this story, and so few words in which to accomplish it.

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Listening The weekend has been spent with much Lost and random video game tomfoolery by The Husband going on in the background. Decent white noise for my current frame of mind.

Thinking Earlier this week I told Seestah I felt bad that I couldn't just up and skip class or miss work and North Star related obligations because mom was coming into town. Today Mom called and changed all that. Now she isn't coming here, though I think it is best that I do skip class and risk tarnishing my work reputation by being with my mom. I'd regret it beyond my ability to recover if anything happened and I had chosen anything else.

Smelling Fresh cut grass, soft rain, and dandelions. Summer, you've finally chosen to blow in.

Wishing that this too-small world didn't feel all too big right now, that parenting got less confusing as children grow, and that I wasn't so neurotic about finding answers.

Hoping Mom has her procedure this Wednesday. I'm hoping it goes well, news is good, and she's back home in her own bed safe and comfy by nightfall.

Wearing It's summer time, the work clothes are hung in my closet with care (aka lying on the closet floor), and I will be chillin' in shorts, yoga pants, and tank tops for the next few months.

Loving Seestah and I have had weird ups and downs throughout the years. We have different perspectives on many big things. But when it comes down to it, we have each other's backs. No matter what. I love that about us.

Wanting Too many sadnesses have stacked themselves up in front of me like a great tower of balancing rocks. I'd like to blow them over and see them hurtle away to make room for some space to spread out and just breathe.

Needing A plan. I very seriously need to sit down and map out my summer schedule so that all these crazy goals I have can be accomplished. I'm giving myself another day to pout about life, and then it's schedule time!

Feeling Disappointed. My frame sags heavily under the weight of it.

Clicking I was in the throes of an exiestential music crisis the other day and happened about Gnoosic. You provide a few of your favorite bands or musicians, it provides recommendations. Kind of digging it. I would dig it more if there was a way to listen to samples of the suggestions right there. Either way, a pretty nifty little site.