#EveryDayinMay - Take a Hike!

With our first overnight hike just a few short days away, my mind is whirling with last minute packing needs and pure panic fantasies of what could go wrong.

Ever the optimist, ever onward!

Before adding food, my pack is barely over 20 pounds (with my water bladder filled). I'm pretty stoked about that. The Husband and I will split food between our two packs, which helps offset the weight and I am super happy about that! Since this is my first time out, I'm trying to make it as enjoyable as possible. I have no idea what to expect from the weight of the pack, or the possibility of blisters, or the dread fibromyalgia issues making things more difficult than they really should be.

I've been trying to be honest with myself about that, knowing that with as many aches and pains as I currently have in a normal day, a day on the trail is going to be a completely different challenge. And a night on the trail is potentially going to make the following day a total beast. The thing is, I refuse to allow this ridiculous fibro-nonsense keep me from doing things I really want to do.

So, Saturday morning -- it's game time, people! I've been doing all the things I know help me feel better, I've broken in my space boots as best I can, and I'm ready to get away from the city and into the woods.

The Husband treated our gear and clothing with permethrin, so I feel hopeful it will at least keep the tick count down.

Granted, I can't decide if I'm more terrified of snakes or the blogs I've read about ticks swarming in May, but my current hope is that if the ticks swarm, they'll eat all the snakes and then I'll be safe.

Unless it storms, which it may.

Good thing I have a parka? And waterproof space boots!

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But don't let my constant fear mongering lead you astray. I can't wait to get out there. We've researched two different areas, but the one in the picture above is what I'm leaning towards. I know, probably a human that actually knows what they are doing would already know where they were going. But we're dealing with me, here. It's amazing this trip is even happening. The Horsethief Springs Trail is about 7 miles shorter, has a lovely lakeside camping spot, and is reportedly a little less difficult than the Talimena-Bohannon trail. There is nothing quite so humbling as searching things like "easiest possible trail for freaked out non-hiker," which is practically what I've done to find a spot for this hike. I'm amazed The Husband hasn't given up on me and decided to go by himself.

Yet, here we are. Two nights away from my first night in this wilderness walking primitive camping wonderland.

Watch out, wildlife, I'm coming for you! (Please don't eat me.)

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