#EveryDayinMay - A Hot Mess

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Click the image to visit this week's Poetry Friday host, Violet Nesdoly

I think I will stop planning my blog posts. Every time I do, life sneaks up and taps me on the shoulder, raises one eyebrow and shakes her head.

"Oh no," she says, "Not that. This. This is what matters today."

And she pushes today's special at me, shoves it in my unready hands, turning to wander away without asking if I wanted what she had to offer, before watching how I react.

* * *

Even then, when I realized the moment had come, when I knew what I wanted to write about today was gone -POOF- like a wisp of smoke, the tendrils thinning and fading without apology, I knew at the same time that she deserved more than some old poem I found on the internet and posted in memoriam. Even though I had some great ones. Even though those poets said what I felt with words so much better than mine could ever be.

She deserved more than someone else's words.

She deserved mine. 

* * *

The truth is
she was a hot mess
that filled up our days
with brown fur tumbleweeds
and late night
dashes through the streets
calling, "Daisy! Daisy!"
as she ran,
in her escape.

Life with her was
a tail-thumping,
full-faced drool of a lick.
Soda cans went flying,
trash bags spontaneously
gutted, sandwiches missing
from plates left alone
one second too long.

A devoted foot-warmer,
couch potato partner,
vegetable scrap

A devoted friend.

There could not be
one second too long
spent beside her brown-eyed gaze;
the one she always gave me 
before gently huffing and
resting her head on my lap,
as if to say, "Oh human,
I love you
but you are a hot mess."

© 2014 Kelly Mogk


  1. Dogs - gotta love them!

    These lines are perfect:

    "Life with her was
    a tail-thumping,
    full-faced drool of a lick."

    Thanks so much for giving in to sneaky life and posting one of your own!

  2. Kelli-
    So sorry about your loss, saying goodbye to those four footed family members really is as hard as saying good bye to human friends. Your poem is a beautiful tribute- your Daisy sounds like she could be a cousin to my Star, who is a shameless trash digger and counter surfer. Wishing you comfort!

  3. You captured her spirit perfectly! Condolences!

  4. So sorry for your loss! Our 17-year-old dog passed away two years ago and I look at other people's dogs with a bit of longing.
    You did a wonderful job with your poem. No one can forgive our hot-messness like a dog.

  5. Aww, I am sorry that I didn't know about this! I have been licked by the lovely miss Daisy many years ago, and will consider that a privilege.

    1. I didn't do a very good job sharing it, I'm afraid. Hard to lose such a wonderful friend. And yes, she certainly loved giving kisses. :)