#EveryDayinMay - Wanderlust Wednesday, Volume 3

If you've missed my constant blathering about trips to take and adventures to begin.... well, what rock have you been hiding under? I hope you haven't been hiding there with the snakes, because that's just scary. And gross. Like bleu cheese, which is equal parts scary and gross.


This Saturday, The Husband and I will head off for our first overnight hiking adventure. The loop we're headed to is 17 miles around, but I'm not positive we'll make the whole 17 in this one trip. This weekend is all about testing equipment and walking the walk and not being killed by bears and snakes, of course.

But let's not focus on the snakes and bears and ticks in my future.

Let's focus on the short day hike we took in Arlington, Texas last weekend. It was perfect. A canopy of trees above us, miles of trail beneath our feet, two of the Littles and two happy puppies bouncing all around us, and not one snake to be seen. And my new boots were super comfy with my ProFoot orthotics and cozy new socks on. Yay!! Hope you enjoy this photo montage of our day on the trail!

Gots my boots, socks, and orthotics and I'm ready to roll!

Grimm says, "Dude, do you even hike?"

I don't think they even realize I'm not with them! 
Happy kids, happy dogs, happy life!

Uh, nice try, trail-side murderer. I can wait.

Grimm, in a rare moment of stillness.

Time for a water break!

Puppy selfie!

Sass helps give Lily and Grimm some water.

These puppies wait for no human.

Headed off on the trail again. 
Horrible picture, but Grimm kept leaving the group to come
back and check on me, which was the BEST ever. Love my sweet boy!

Back at the car, Grimm takes a break while he waits for us to load up.

My happy boy after being out in the woods! 


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