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Today was an incredible day -- brunch, museum, shopping, gelato, hiking, and a delicious Italian dinner. My brain has finally realized it's Sunday, not Saturday, and the dread ohmygoshIhavesomuchtodobeforeworkonMonday panic is settling in. I'm pushing it aside a bit longer to give myself time to write, but the brunch review and hiking reflection will have to wait until later this week. For now, I'm joining Crystal and doing The Sunday Currently.

Reading I'm slowly working my way through Oryx and Crake and Out of the Woods, and ready to dig into The Eleventh Draft. I just ordered the other two books I need for class in June: The Art of the Short Story and The Writer's Idea Book. Seems like June will be a difficult time to get any personal reading done, but I'm so excited about this class, I hardly care!

Writing Crystal's idea to write every day in May on our blogs has been a blessing. May is such a busy month at work, that I seldom give myself time to write. Now, writing for my blog is completely different than the creative writing I prefer, but it keeps me happy. I've written a little poetry this month, and and even smaller amount of words for the memoir I'm working on. I have, however, done some research and planning for what I hope will become my next short story. So I suppose it's been a busier writing month than I realized!

Listening Today I've been listening to Tori Amos' new album Unrepentant Geraldines. Not surprisingly, it's hauntingly beautiful and everything I have come to expect from her music, and happily the theme circles around the research I've been caught up in lately -- proof we would be friends if only we could meet. So you can imagine my jubilation when I found out today that she'll be here on tour in July. I quickly scooped up tickets and now my sister and I will get to hear her live for the first time together. We simply cannot wait!

Thank you, random window flyer!
Thinking Parenting is hard. It's hard when you're planning a family, or surprised by it. It's hard when your first child is born, or your third, or your thirteenth. It changes as they age, but somehow never loses that wow factor. Each new moment is strange and wonderful and imperfect and lovely. It's the hardest, most glorious thing I've ever done.

Smelling We hiked late this afternoon, and I still smell like a mix of bug spray and forest, dirt and satisfaction. The trails we went to are only about fifteen minutes from the house, and I can't figure out why I haven't been there before. I love the smell of the woods, the quietness found when enveloped between the trees. I'm even more excited for our overnight hike next weekend now than I was before!

Wishing that it was already July, that my pack was on my back, and nothing before me but miles and miles of wilderness.

Hoping the last three weeks of work (for this year) sail by smoothly, that all our library books come back, and that I can find a way to spend more time reading to students next year than I was able to this year.

Wearing I started out the day in a cute pair of wedges, capris, and glittery off the shoulder shirt and ended in my spaceman hiking boots, compression tights, and an old 5k t-shirt. Still not sure which I prefer. I'm easily comfortable in either.

Loving my sister's reaction when she realized I had bought tickets to see Tori Amos, and one of those tickets has her name on it.

Wanting to find the perfect brunch restaurant. It is now my mission to scour the DFW area until I find it. With weekly reviews to track my progress, of course.

Tillman's Hangover Platter - review coming this week!

Needing a bit of romance. Some flowers. A real date night. A poem. A little less busy and a little more time together. Ever since The Husband switched to the night shift at work, things have been topsy turvy!

Feeling grateful. This weekend was full and fast and filled with family. Not all my family -- Uno is off doing weekend things, we saw Dos for about an hour each night, and I miss my sister and all her crew muchly. But The Husband didn't work, my amazing mom-in-law spent time with us both days, and the Littles were here. We didn't spend any time sitting on couches staring at the television, but wound our way through the weekend in one celebration of togetherness after the next.

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