#EveryDayinMay - It's Swagurday with my GoVoxBox!

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Influenster is the bomb diggity, you guys. I just finished up my last VoxBox, and yesterday I received a new one! If you aren't a member at Influenster, you should definitely check it out. What's more awesome than a bunch of free stuff showing up at your house? Not much, my friends, not much. A VoxBox is a collection of products set around a theme -- my latest one is all fitness stuff -- that you receive in exchange for trying out and reviewing. Not a bad deal!

So here's the scoop on my latest Influenster swag:

Not only is it a box of free goodies, it's pretty, too!
I came home from work to find my VoxBox sitting happily for me on the coffee table. I was supposed to quickly change clothes and head out for a concert, but I couldn't help but peek inside, and I am so glad I did!

Inside I found:

  • a brand new Next Step shaker bottle from The Vitamin Shoppe
  • three Next Step protein shake packets (chocolate, vanilla, and berry)
  • Blue Diamond Blueberry flavored almonds
  • Profoot Pedi-Rock (it's soft and squishy!)
  • Profoot Orthotic shoe inserts (perfect for someone about to be hiking all over the place!)
  • Aqua Spa Body Creme in lavender and chamomile
  • Voucher for a FREE Muller yogurt product
  • Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons

All my pretties laid out in a row!

The shakes and new shaker bottle couldn't have come at a better time. Since I was in such a hurry to make it to Turbo's spring concert, I didn't have time for dinner. The bottle is super cute and instead of the normal little metal whisk ball that is in most shakers, this has a fun purple plastic mixer that looks like an oversized jack (does anyone even remember playing jacks as a kid or am I really that old?)

I grabbed the chocolate packet and the bottle and filled it with some ice and water. The packet says to use 8 ounces of water, but I normally don't like mine quite that strong. I used 10 ounces, but the flavor was strong enough that I probably could have used 12. It. Was. Delicious! Sort of like chocolate milk, but a little sweeter, and very creamy. Surprising, since many protein mixes can be sort of thin when only mixed with water - I was thrilled that this shake was so good! A lot of protein powders I've tried have a strong after taste or can be quite chalky. Next Step had none of that! I really enjoyed it.

You can almost see the cute little mixer jack in there!
 I am typically a big snob about protein mix ingredients, but hey -- this was free and my only real option for dinner, so I barely even glanced at the ingredients. I'll do a thorough check and see what I think when I have my next shake, and report back here. There was a pretty long list of ingredients, which is normally a red flag for me -- plus, the shake was very sweet, so I know I need to check what kind of sweetener is used. Since I enjoyed the shake so much, I am hoping that this will end up being a mix that I will buy for myself in the future!

My yummy protein drink all mixed up, and the Blueberry Almonds, too!

I grabbed the almonds to take with me, not sure if the shake would fill me up. I definitely didn't need the almonds -- the shake totally satisfied me! But I wanted to see what they were like, so I tore open the bag and gave them a shot. I love almonds, and typically buy them raw without any salt or extra shenanigans, so this was very different for me. If you like blueberry and a little sweetness added to your almond, you'll definitely like these. I'll probably stick to my raw almonds mostly, but when I'm craving something sweet, I would eat these again.

And because I have a serious addiction to lotions, I also opened the Aqua Spa and put some on my hands and arms before leaving for the concert. Super happy that the smell isn't overly pungent; it's a soft lavender that isn't overpowering but lasts for quite a while. The creme is thick but not oily, so I will absolutely use it again.

I'm looking forward to trying out the ProFoot products soon. The Husband and I have an overnight hiking trip next weekend, so that gives me the perfect reason to test those out. So far, everything in this VoxBox has been amazeballs, so I'm excited to try out the rest!

What about you guys? Any new favorite products you've tried out lately? I'd love to hear from you!

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