#EveryDayinMay - Poetry with Flora & Ulysses

Today's post was planned and ready to go when all of a sudden it was altered by a very unanticipated occurence.

We reached our first poem in Flora & Ulysses during reading club, and decided we should write some poetry, too. It's a poem that begs to be used as a mentor text, and since our very short time together was ending, I hurriedly gathered up some markers and chart paper and modeled how to use the poem to write my own. We noticed how the poem was organized, and then I thought aloud about how to brainstorm my own list of ideas modeled after Ulysses' first poem.

After I wrote my poem on the chart paper, I invited my little poets to continue brainstorming their own words and begin their poem. We just happened to have paper and pencils handy -- before reading we had brainstormed what a superhero's sidekick would look like and they drew sketches of what their sidekick would look like. They kept the paper and pencil out while I read, to continue their sketches, write down words they liked as I read, and draw pictures to go with the story.

It is always a good idea to be ready to write while you're reading!

Their poems were lovely, as children's poems often are, and we shared what we wrote before leaving for the day.

Response to Flora & Ulysses on Vimeo.

I brought the book home tonight and finished it. Flora & Ulysses would easily be a classroom read aloud I would add to my class library, and I'm happy to have three copies on each of my campuses in our school libraries. I know it will be a book not often on the shelves, but happily in the hands and hearts of our young readers.


  1. What an awesome blogpost about Flora and Ulysses. I have yet to read our personal copy at home and very excited to get to it within the year. Great video!

  2. I'm a huge DiCamillo fan, so I eagerly dive in with each new book of hers that comes out! Glad you enjoyed the video, thanks! :)