#Slice2013 - Day 29 of 31

Today I went to lunch with some friends I rarely get to see. We spent a few hours on the patio of a local Mexican restaurant, gabbing and laughing and yes, even drinking a lunch time margarita.

It made me realize I do not kick back and enjoy time with all my friends often enough.

It made me remember there is power in conversations - in women gathered together to motivate, share, inspire, and even gripe. We all need these things.

It made me realize that all those women I know that have a commitment to themselves for some "me time" at least once a month are genius.

I have been crazy-busy these past few weeks: house stuffs, kid stuffs, new business stuffs ... but all good stuffs!

It's definitely time to add a purposeful day of girl-gabbing "me" time into the mix, on a much more permanent basis.


  1. I need to have more girl time, too. Great post--important message.

  2. I'm in a book club that meets once a month. We read and talk about our book, but more, we are just there for each other. I always leave that time so much more whole and at peace.

  3. Kicking back ... yep ... making time for friends and connections outside of our jobs and immediate family enrich our lives. So do margaritas. Just not too many.