#Slice2013 - Day 28 of 31

Have I mentioned lately how much 2013 has been rawking my socks off?

I mean, let's get serious for a minute:

  • Completion of savings budget? Check!
  • New home? Check!
  • House remodeling successes? Check!
  • Possible career enhancing opportunity of ultimate rockstar happiness? Check!
  • Dos' knee surgically repaired and healing beautifully? Check!
  • Back on track and eating clean? Check! (YES! Finally! Yay! It feels sooooo good!)
  • Writing daily, working on new ideas? Check!
  • New fitness venture, enabling me to motivate myself and thousands of others -- while working with the inspirational fitness diva from The Sweaty BettiesCheck!
  • Ability to bring people along with me on this unbelievably fabulous fitness adventure? Check, check, and uber-check!
And there are other blessings as well -- too many to list, too many heart-happy moments, too many smiles, too much joy to keep all to myself.

Loving life, my friends. And there's still more to come!


  1. A great list. Writing and a new house...great.

  2. Yay, 2013! To think there are 9 months left. Imagine!


  3. Wow...that's quite the list. I am feeling that I have gotten practically nothing done compared to your list! Well, the eating clean is starting again after break! Time to get back on the wagon (check!)