Mentor text: House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

This was actually an older SI teaching demo from North Star. Since I decided to use mentor texts AFTER leaving for vacation, I've had to get creative!

I think this will be fun for my kids; there's a lot of opportunity for interesting descriptions here.

So, I give you Grandmama's House:

Northwood homes have personality.
An A-frame with windows like a chapel,
or a fat and lazy dog with his slow wagging tail
that thrums against a seasonal porch
as you walk down the flower lined steet.
Some have gardens with plump green tomatoes,
others are tall and skinny white skeletons,
paint peeling away with age.

But Grandmama's house,
Grandmama's house like rich toffee,
like hot maple syrup drizzled over sweet pancakes
all comfort and peace because she's filled it with love
wrapped her arms around you with hand-stitched quilts,
and steaming pastries, homemade cocoa
sipped from a collection of flower speckled china.

Grandmama's house
bubbles over with her laugh,
like the Fourth of July --
all jazz and warmth and brilliance.
And you can't help but snuggle deep
into Grandmama's home
embraced by the familiar creak of floorboards,
the pillows like marshmallows beneath your head,
the kitchen, where something scrumptious is
always just moments from your taste buds.

The pastries, the quilts, and Grandmama's laughter like the Fourth of July.

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