Poem from the Road & Mentor Texts

It occurred to me that I didn't explain the inspiration for yesterday's Poem from the Road.  I've decided to multi-task, since the new school year is pressing in fast.  So each poem I write is modeled after a mentor text I can use in class.

This strategy is two-fold: one, it gives me a no-fail way to come up with something to write each day (huzzah!) and two, I gain some experience playing with the text, which will (hopefully) help me model it with a little more effectively.

Grandpa Mogk's Farm was actually inspired by a teaching demo during Summer Institute.  One of the fellows used a sentence from To Kill a Mockingbird to show us how to use mentor texts to share great writing with our students and help them integrate these same skills into their own writing.

Hopefully, after this experiment, I'll have several good examples to share with my own students.  In the future, I'll try to remember to put a short blurb about the mentor text with the poem for the day

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