Weekend Update:

Sick, sick, and more sick. Friday I was still home coughing up a lung. Elvis also went home early, after a side trip to the doc. Child Numero Uno took off for his first sleep over, and Numero Dos and I took off to Dallas in hopes that sleeping over at Elvis' would help us get up early enough to go to the weigh-in.

We took Numero Dos to Dave & Buster's and watched him go nuts looking for games to play. Elvis took him around from one game to another while I scraped breading off my chicken in an effort to eat healthy! We grabbed a movie, Dos scampered like a monkey all over Elvis, and we went home -- elated and exhausted.

Saturday we ran over to the Galleria, but since there were approximately 5000 people in line already, we decided to do the challenge online. Thankfully, the trip was not a waste -- Tiffany's was ready and waiting with open doors.

Saturday was also Uno's first basketball game. He did a fantastic job! Mid-game they do a devotional, and they give out awards at the end of each game for things like best effort, most Christlike, etc. Uno got Best Effort, and he definitely deserved it . He says next timehe wants Most Christlike, because it comes with a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse. Elvis and I think that's a fine idea!

After the game we all went home and worked together on a cornish hen dinner. It was actually pretty good, even though it was the first time I had ever made cornish hen. We didn't eat until oh-so-late, so our B&N trip was cancelled. Instead we played many a game of Clue! Good times, Clue. Even if Elvis cheats.

This morning I was given the opportunity to learn (once again) that my choices need to be made for God and not myself. It's amazing how convicted I feel when I jeapordize my beliefs just to do what I feel like doing instead of what I know is right. I'm thankful for the lesson; I won't forget it quickly.

Today Rick talked about our church's mission, and what we should be doing as a body to help with that mission. It was a strong message and I'm glad we made it to church this morning. I've missed being there with all the traveling we've done over the holidays. Also, the message helped me to find another way to realize this year's resolution.

The rest of the day we spent ... uhm ... napping. Naps are important!

Right now the boys are trotting off to bed, and I should be to.

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