Saturday was partially spent learning about the how TDPRS had made changes in our state licensing, and partially spent outlining how I'll teach the staff about the changes without boring them to tears.

Personally, I could read the licensing standards for days and never get bored, but I fear not everyone shares my enthusiasm in reasearching rules and regulations.

It was a little disconcerting to learn that it's perfectly legal for a daycare to have six-week-old infants mixed in the same room with toddlers, and be expected to care for them correctly. It was even more upsetting to learn that if I want to work towards seeing that rule changed, I could expect to maybe see a change in 6 years, but not a day sooner. I'm not sure how we're doing our best at protecting the rights of small children if no one will even look at the minimum standards until the 6 year mark is met. What do we tell parents in the meantime?

"So sorry. We'll do better 6 years from now."

That's disgusting, really. Selfish as it may be, I'm glad we don't have infant care.

One funny new ruling states that if we have a bounce house on the property, we can only let one child bounce at a time. Goodbye, last day of school carnival day & bounce houses! Eesh.

I did learn a lot of useful things however, and I'm eager to relay them to our staff and even more excited about the coming year and all the changes that are already in place. God is certainly working in our school, and that's an awesome thing to experience.

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