I suppose that I should have realized that as I change, the way I approach my weblog would change.

And so it has.

When I began this, it was in an attempt to make sure I wrote more. In truth, it has lessened my real writing and served more as my own personal therapist. Which isn't all bad. (Unlike that sentence) But I am evolving, and so should this place.

I am a lot of things, and guilt-ridden as I can be, I refuse to be anyone's sounding block for pain. The life we are blessed with here is short, and although I believe better things lie ahead -- there's no reason to wallow in self-pity and cast one another down. We see enough of that each day when we look around us. Why add to it when we have the ability to make things better?

It amazes me on a daily basis how people can choose to be unhappy. I am also consistantly surprised by the ease with which society turns and looks the other way when it would be just as easy to lend a hand.

I'm not sure yet how I want to restructure this site. I want to contribute, I want to be less about qauntity and more about quality, and I want to know that I am not simply standing on a mountaintop and screaming into the void.

I want a little substance, please.

Until then, join me in a moment (x infinity x 1000!) of silence.

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