I'm writing again, and it's a delicious (my word of the week) indulgence to spend hours creating a world outside my own.

For anyone concerned, my snarky stock project was a hit, and although I refused to use the $111 book for the last two tests, I still managed to snag an A in the course.

Tonight was a school board meeting in which I met with a consultant that I could learn many things from, and I hope to be in contact with her a lot throughout the years.

As a sidenote, it scares me to death that I just inferred I could be working at this place in this town for years to come.

How did I ever get so settled?

I'm registered for the fall term and if I actually take these classes, I'm going to be rather busy for the next 5 months. I didn't even take any literature classes. That's quite a change for me. And no, it's not just because I've run out of lit classes to take.

Tomorrow is more work and a memorial and then I'm off to see the wizard. Mhm.

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