So this blog is trying to start up a new weekly thingamado, and I thought, being the giver that I am, I should be helpful and stuff. Prayerfully he won't post two sets of questions in the future, and this is just one of those Grand Opening 2 for 1 deals. Right. So I give you...

The Weekly Krazies
1. Think back. What was the first song that ever made you cry?
Haha. Oh my, does this date me. Cruel Summer by Bananarama! Eek!
2. Dilemma. You discover that your partner is not religious, and you very much are. Do you try and convert your partner, leave it be, or do you end the relationship?
Hm. At this point in my life I wouldn't get involved with someone that didn't have the same religious beliefs I have. And I guess that means if I were in a relationship where that wasn't the situation and it wasn't going to change, I'd get out of it.
3. If you were going to be a porn star - what would your name be?
Uhm. I have no idea? But a name generator says Nipper Cumberland. Oookay.

1. Think back. What was your favourite childhood toy?
Drowsy Doll. I want to own her again please.
2. Dilemma. Its Friday night. Suddenly you realise your double booked. Your friend is taking everyone out clubbing to celebrate his/her 21st birthday, however you are supposed to be going to your grandfather's 70th birthday - a big family dinner. What do you do? Who misses out?
Spend time with my family. There's always time to party later.
3. How many freckles are their on your face?
I have a mole. Not so much with the freckles.

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