News at work continues to get worse each day, and between teachers leaving for more money in the public school system and my curriculum order being misplaced, I'm feeling a little frazzled.

Still, the parent handbooks are complete, the financial contract has been decided on, and the teacher's policy guide is about 95% completed. Also, I've made a list of 10 goals for the year, and that makes me feel like even if everything wants to try to work against me, I still have a plan and I still plan to get there.

While reading up on accreditation, I found this article, which explains how students with special needs don't get proper funding when they are in the Christian school setting. This is so important to change. The parents at my school that have children with special needs, including myself, have to spend a lot of money to ensure that their children can receive the special programs they need. Most of my parents hire outside therapists that can come in and work with their kids. But we have lost students that could not afford this and therefore had to go to public school. As an administrator, it saddens me to have my hands tied in this situation. I would love to offer more programs for my school, but the money just isn't there. It makes no sense that the public school system recieves funding for children they aren't even educating. I could say something here about their lack of education of the students that actually attend their schools, but I'll play nice.

Unfortunately, the site it points to doesn't seem to be working. Still, it's an interesting article. In our school district, we have a bit more luck in working with the schools, but it can be fairly taxing. And parents that want their children to have a Christian education shouldn't miss out on that simply because their child is not able to function in a traditional classroom setting.

So. Off my soapbox. I still have a policy manual to finish. Why does it seem absurd to me that I have to include "no flip-flops" in the dress code to make sure they aren't worn? Since when are flip-flops okay to wear in the work place?

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