Today I learned (again) that worrying is really rather silly.

I also learned that I love my new Ann Taylor dress.

Last weekend was spent in Austin and there was much frolicking and eating and merry-making. There was also much game playing, and even though I said I would never play Cranium again (afterall, Crystal and I kicked so much bootay, it wouldn't be fair to stomp all over more unsuspecting losers), there was much Cranium playing. And amazingly, I did not die. This is a good thing. There was also some card playing, and even though I apparently will never win at such endeavors, it was incredibly fun.

I'm a big fan of Austin, though. I plan to go back very soon. Soonish, even.

On the workfront (I'm not even sure this is a word), more crisis have been popping up than I am prepared to deal with. I have to wonder if any other administrators suffer from mass "everything is falling apart and why can't just ONE thing go right today" syndrome. Of course, today seemed to be a day on continual rightness, and for that I am thankful, because yesterday was the day of perpetual wrongness. And I just don't do well with wrongness.

All concern aside, I can see all the good in the school and I know we're headed in the right direction. It's easy to let the setbacks drive me insane, but I'm learning to digest those better.

In exactly two weeks we'll be two days into the schoolyear.

If I disappear, you'll know why.

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