... and it's Monday again.

This weekend was spent with another trip to the ballpark, video games (wherein my monkey's butt was killed muchly and moreso than it should have been), homework, softball, cake for lunch, learning more about baseball than I ever thought I'd even want to know and realizing it's kind if interesting when you pay attention to it, 4am trips to WalGreens, making fun of burning innards, and bad karaoke.

This week will be spent with paperwork, a stock project, le final (and thus, le celebration!), the announcement that Elvis has left the building (or country, whatever), and a rather uneventful yet mercifully relaxing 4th of July weekend. I hope.

This month is the month of no-spending as yours truly tries to figure out where the heck all her moolah is going. Wish me luck.

This is also the month of the infamous blogathon, but I have a feeling I will not be available (again!) this year, so I'm waiting a bit before signing up.

Recently I realized that I am a woman with many a paradox, which is a little annoying and rather confusing to me. I have some serious relationship hangups that are founded on absolutely nothing, and yet I seem unable to make them go away. So instead of talking things over (wow, what a concept!) I get all concerned and girly-dumb. It's ... strange and incredibly dual-minded in a not-so-good way. I'm working on this. Hopefully Seestah will present me soon with the literature that will give me great wisdom. For I need great wisdom, and the ability to stop being so darn redundant.

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