Oops. I forgot to post.

So here's the deal.... I can't keep track of anything, I lost my blasted Sims Unleashed CD (shut up!), I have mucho mas paperwork to do before Wednesday @ 4pm, I have to go to the confounded doctor on Thursday to find out what time I have surgery on Friday, I am the brokest white girl ever, and if I go to even one more blog that can't find at least one other word to desribe their woes other than "fuckin(g)", I may lose hope in humanity.

Seriously, yo.

The magnet project is turning out well, except now (due to my immense organization skills) I have little scraps of paper everywhere and Steven the Great used up half my bloody silicone sealer on his honkin' diorama! Argh. But hey, he's the one that had to explain to his teacher today why his diorama smells like a glue factory. I think his entire class could have gotten high off this thing.

Letter to People that Suck:
You suck, and I'm really kind of tired of it. You know that you suck, yet you try to feign knowledge of your ultimate suckiness, and therefore, you suck doubly. Suckhead. Grr.

Anyway, work is going well if you ignore the fact that I am still looking for more teachers for next year, an assistant director, and trying to finish the new blueprints for the updates on which walls come down/go up at the new/old building we're moving into next year! But that is fairly exciting, even if I have absolutely no grant writing experience. Perhaps some wayward grant writer will gaze upon my words and give me some advice. Perhaps not. Either way, it's a learning experience, yo.

Also, and most importantly: I FELT SHANNON'S BABY KICK!!! This means, obviously, that Donal (el babito unbornito) loves me unconditionally, and upon being born, will think I am perfect. Yay for me.

So, I have been upped from not having been called a stupid bitch to having been called a much nastier version, and on Mother's Day. Thankfully, it was not either of my children that said this, for if it were so I would be a child less. Actually, my kids were darn-tootin' fantastic yesterday, and we spent a lot of time together, mostly inhaling glue fumes while making dioramas and other fun things. Shan spent the weekend with us and that was fun, and we watched some icky movies together. Much Ado About Nothing was good I thought, but Mom went to bed. Shan wanted nothing but to play the Sims, and eventually she won that battle. All in all it was good times, and I didn't even cheat and eat too many (p)oints. So ha.

So yes. I have been busy losing everything and then some, trying to pretend I am ready to go play hospital for a bit, and getting ready for the summer. Hooha, I say.

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