So a friend admitted the number of women he has slept with. This seemed a bit much to myself and my sister, therefore, the sex poll 2003 was put into action.

I'm asking people to tell me their age, gender, and amount of sexual partners. Leave me an anonymous comment, send me an email, say howdy on AIM. Whatever works. Tell me the sorted details of your love life if you need to, but just make sure you remember to include your age and number o' awesome lovers you've been with.

I will take these juicy tidbits and make a small comparison based on age and gender. And we'll see what's going on with you freaks. I'll include the lowest and highest (for the curious among us), but no names (or phone numbers - a dating service this ain't).

The famous friend of much fornication says his number is low. So far he hasn't been wrong, and I'm rather surprised. Even more surprising, though, is the number of partners the women are coming forth with.

Wooie. You guys have been busy.

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