At this point in my bout of sleep deprivation I can no longer think clearly, my eyes seem like two loose marbles rolling hither and thither in my head, and my mouth has forgotten to remain shut, prefering to hang agape in a sad stupor.

This weekend's plan was to come home on Friday night and sleep until Sunday morning. Instead I went to a movie on Friday, dinner and a movie on Saturday, spent Sunday vegging out and Sunday night awake and in awe. This morning I took a child to the dentist and a friend to work. This afternoon I attempted a nap but instead decided to work some more on various writing projects. This evening my children came home, and now I am going to clamber into bed and pray for a sleep that resembles a complete weekend of rest.

We shall see.

It seems my lessons learned are coming in handy. Perhaps I'm finally entering a state of emotional adulthood, able to make real decisions and not snap judgements. That feels good.

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