I was driving down a street this morning where there were dead or rather, grey dormant trees on either side. The city had cut back the limbs and the flesh was exposed. I can identify with these trees. The leaves long since gone, the cold wind blowing through the branches and nothing to shelter itself from the elements.

I've had six blood transfusions over the course of two and half years. Each of them saved my life. I am grateful. I am also grateful I will never have to have a transfusion again. I wish there was a transfusion for heartbreak. I would glady take that.

Someone I love more than words and actions can express, told me I was an incredible person. Advocate something, this is my motto. Find something you believe in with all that you are. And fight for it. I think I will start fighting for me. Because afterall, if you're not happy you can't make others happy.

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