My friends thought I might possibly fancy a cute divorcee.

My mother said a doctor or a lawyer, that's my type.

My sister asked that I make sure he drives a Mercedes.

With this is mind, I might end up with a divorced man with a doctorate in law, driving a Mercedes. Or perhaps not. Perhaps they jest as they know my mood as of late has been anything but cheery.

If there is anything I have learned in the past few years, it is this: that there is no greater meaning, there is simply us and what we make of it. Honesty is not simply something to strive for, it is the core fabric of our lives and without it everything begins to unravel. When a person begins to live a life less virtuous they open the possibility of understanding exactly how low people can sink when the proper elements are mixed together. And you truly cannot have the best of all things. Pick your blessings, they are too few.

In the very least, I have learned important lessons from my mistakes.

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