Kelly, I love you beyond comprehension.

I'm back, finally. Another phone 'mishap'. I don't like those. And soon will not have to deal with a lot of 'mishaps'. Gosh. I suddenly don't know what I wanted to write. I'm tired. I'm tired, a lot. I hate driving too and fro to other regions of the county to pick up people and drop people off and stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love to drive..... but the same route day in and day out is getting to me.

In other news.....
And it's good news, too! I got a job! *cartwheel here* But the bad thing about it is, I don't start until Oct. 30th. That really sucks. So I'll have to try and find a job in the interim. Which is doubly stressful. But hey, I'm getting good at this stress thing, I think. Maybe.

Look up the word, 'neighbor'. I don't have any of those. I have freak-show Jerry Springer guests, I swear! Kelly has seen them, she knows! I can't wait to leave, and it's really sad too. I've only lived here 5 months! Humans never ever.... cease to amaze me. How people hurt each other continually, however, does amaze me. Are some people born without a conscience? This is my question of the century.

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