Aha. It seems I really do require immediate help. The lovely and almost always elusive therapist's assistant left a message for me that they had miraculously fit me into the schedule on Monday morning! I'm considering asking her to admit me to some sort of facility where I can lie in bed all day and listen to crazy people do crazy things. It always makes for good movies so I'm quite certain it would be enjoyable for me.

Last night I wanted to go see Sweet Home Alabama but Shannon decided I could not, so I watched One Hour Photo instead. I will have to kick Shannon for ruining my evening now. I did see a particularly lovely preview, which I probably would have seen anyway with a movie that didn't have me cringing in my seat, but whatever. The movie is called Far From Heaven and this quote sold me on it:
"So often we fail in that kind of love, love that tells us to abandon our lives and plans all for one brief touch of Venus."

Last night I dreampt that anytime someone tried to touch me I went into a panic, to the point of having a seisure. Of course, I also dreampt that I found the staff that basically made me the ruler of the world. Heh.

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