I actually went in to work today. Much excitement there. I've no idea how I'll do everything I said I'd do over the summer, but for now lets just pretend it's possible.

I'm still completely out of books to read and, due to the money I've spent on the new place, completely out of funds to buy books with. This is a problem, as I have nothing to read when I go to bed. This is a problem, because I can't relax and therefore am having near constant nightmares. This is a problem because I really, really hate my nightmares (as if anyone has ever enjoyed them). It also means I have nothing to read during bubble baths, and pretty soon I'll have a tiny normal bathtub instead of my nice big bathtub, and bubble baths won't be so great anymore. Le sigh.

Stormy Warmy had her hysterectomy and now I want one too. This decision is plagued by about 500 things, none of wich are very sensical. Le sigh, part two.

I'm feeling rather unimportant today, and still very sad over what happened yesterday (when, oh when, will I stop harbouring guilt for the entire free world). What I need is a night out. Or a hug. A night out with a hug? Hm.

And since when are sink fixtures $58? Argh.

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