I wasn't going to do the Blogathon this year. I'll be in NY, it's very close to my sister's wedding, and I'm fairly certain she'll kill me for doing anything non-wedding related in that time period. However. He might do it. Hm. Can't really pass that up, can I. Also, for some reason I thought Coraline came out today or tomorrow, but it doesn't. This is good, since I am poor. I haven't been able to find any information on signed copies, and I'm beginning to panic. I suppose once you have a few signed books of Neil's, nothing else is good enough. I also thought he was coming to Texas A&M this summer for something ... but no news on that, either. I need a direct line to all Neil activities, obviously.

I've decided that people use too many words. I was listening to a radio show recently, and that was addressed. I suppose it's true. They said it was Americans in particular that do this. Saying things like "bitter irony" and other phrases I can't remember. So now everything I say feels too wordy, too sloppy. (see?) This will bother me for years to come.

The writing bug has struck again. Summer always leads me to that, and I'm thankful, for I was beginning to feel as if I'd lost all ability for creative thought.

This is the Seinfeld of all blog posts ever. Sigh. It's difficult to have coherent thoughts when you're wondering where some people are, hoping that others are not where you think they are, and wishing that still others were not where you know they are. Bah. Bah, I say.

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