I have fairies at my new house. I think this is a good sign.

So I took a bunch of before pictures, and a few shots as we've been fixing it up. As each room is finished, I'll take more and then I'm going to post them all so you can see what I've been through. Right now the house is a disaster. It's sort of amusing, because when you drive up, you're assaulted by a primer/white home with electric blue and sickly green trim. The old renters started to repaint the exterior but never finished. This is actually good, as electric blue isn't my idea of great trim colour. The screen door, which used to be sort of white, sort of mud coloured has new paint and a new screen (the old screen had a hole the size of a small television set in it), and it doesn't look too bad. The front door still needs to be painted (it has no paint on it right now), but I'll get to that. The doorbell works, and everyone that has been helping me out on the house enjoys ringing it so I can call out from wherever I am, "Yeah, yeah, it's the only thing in the house that doesn't need repairs!" When you walk into the living room, everything looks fine. I painted the walls (lemon basil!) and the ceiling and all the trim (not lemon basil!). The floor has been put down, it's that stuff that's supposed to look like wood. It all came together really well, and for my first experience in home redecoration and remodeling, I'm rather proud.

But then you walk into the kitchen and dining area and you have to laugh. The ceiling, up until yesterday had holes in it. The floor... well, there is no floor. The countertop is blue formica with an odd flowered contact paper over it. The stove is approximately 1 billion years old. All of that changes today, so I'm pretty excited. I can't even go into the rest of the house without writing a book, but it all pretty much resembles the horror that is the kitchen. We knocked down a strange brick wall and built a new wall (sans brick), and then put in a door between what used to be the second living area and what will now be my bedroom, making this a four bedroom home. For $450 a month, you can't go wrong. Well, as long as you don't add up how much it's costing to make it how I want it. The floor is being laid in my bedroom as I type this. I really have some amazing friends. I haven't even made it over there today, and people are working on it. Tanya just called and was going to go ahead and buy my new hardware for the bathroom since I can't afford it yet, and she was up at Lowe's. I'm feeling very blessed today. Time to go do some more work.

So... pictures soon, and if anyone knows a good masseuse I could certainly use it.

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