Today we return home. It has been five days of waking each morning to hot Dutch fruited tea and relaxing in the hottub each night with a glass of vodka in hand. Five days of muted family tensions. Five days of endless shopping and socializing.

I'm ready to go home. It's a rare feeling for me. Typically, you can't get me out of here. But I'm tired; tired mostly from the animosity that hangs in the air, but tired nonetheless.

Last night we finally made it to McGuire's. There was loud Irish music (and people clapping, singing, and kissing the moose - pictures will be out soon), excellent bartenders with even more excellent drinks, and the most friendly people I have ever met. Granted, everyone was fairly drunk, but I hold to the fact that I've never met such nice people. At the end of the evening, we all signed a dollar bill and stapled it above the bar next to the moosehead. Then I scooped up Shannon and rolled her out the door. And that was that.

Tonight is the flight home. I'm ready. I truly am.

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