I don't remember if I suggested this before or not, but this site is a great place to find Dutch goodies. I'm spoiled to Dutch tea all over again and will be forced to order some very soon. Thankfully my father is sending me home with some to sate my appetite until I get my first shipment.

Calypso (the parrot!) loves her Christmas present but she enjoys trying to eat my jewelry far more. I thought she would be much heavier, or bigger, perhaps, and was a little concerned about holding her at first. But now (five days later, remember?) she's stolen my heart and it's unfair that I have to leave her here. Although, I must admit that at the bird store I fell in love with the cockatoo's again. They're as soft as a bunny, and sweet and cuddly.

And I only need a few thousand dollars to get one! What a deal.

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