Today I did some Christmas shopping. I've found that I've become one of those people that randomly talks to strangers in the store. I have no idea how this has happened, and I'm not entirely sure I like it. In the clothing section I'm striking up conversation with women that give me strange looks. Certainly they are wondering why on earth I find it necessary to tell them my view on fashion. But I do. So I suppose they'll have to live with it. And they can go home and blog about the weird girl that treated them like a friend, not an alien from another planet.

When I left the store and managed to load all my packages into my car, I noticed there was nowhere for me to put my shopping cart. This became a problem. Looking around, I saw that many people had abandoned their carts in between parking spaces. I felt sort of sad for all these mistreated carts. Sure, you love the cart when you need it to carry the items that would soon become to cumbersome to carry in your own hands ... but the minute you empty it, you leave it in the cold. Poor, lonely shopping cart.

So I closed up my car and strolled back across the parking lot to the store, and back inside where I replaced it with its family. I think the cart was happy. I'm almost positive that last squeak of the wheels was a quiet thank you. So you see, you really can make a difference.

That's me. Saving the world, one shopping cart at a time.

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