I want great beauty.

I want clear nights sprinkled with brilliant stars that seem as unending as there are seconds in time. I want rolling hills of deep green pastures that seem to breathe right before me. I want forests of tall magnificent trees that become my giant companions as my feet crunchsnapcrackle upon pine needles. I want to breathe in salt-tainted air while I sit in white sand and watch dolphins frolic in their endless blue playground.

The ache and strech and roll of branches in the breeze. The moment the wind steals your breath, caressing your cheeks with cold fingers. A slow dancing ladybug with no knowledge of your intent stare. That music that creeps up into your soul and becomes a habitant; the lullabye you close your eyes to each night. The feverishly warm softness of skin beneath your fingertips that spreads across your body becoming the smile, the giggle of unending joy that lets loose from your mouth upon feeling your lovers chest rise and fall as he sleeps.

Yes, I want great beauty. I want each moment to be the sunset you swear is more beautiful than any you've seen before, each day to be a climactic and unending experience that drowns you in a riptide of emotion.

It's not enough to simply be here, wandering this world as a lemming snuffling to the ground, one foot following the next.

Give me great beauty, for nothing else will suffice.

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