Tonight as Steven said his prayers, he uttered the words...

"And please let all the people that died in the air plane crashes be in Heaven now."

Words I never thought I'd hear my son say. It made me catch my breath for just a moment, realizing that even if he doesn't talk about it much, he understands, as much as any 7 year old can.

And it breaks my heart that my children haven't been able to fall asleep easily for the last week. It breaks my heart that as I lie in bed next to my 5 year old, and place my hand on his chest while he falls into that deep, slow breathing sleep, that my mind wanders to all the children out there that have lost their parents, all the parents that have lost children, all the everyone that lost someone.

It breaks my heart that even as we begin to creep back into whatever we consider our normal lives, pieces have been altered that will never be the same.

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