Because I can be a thief too:

wallet: none, unless you count the very tiny little change purse I have
hair brush: there are 3, the large flat brush, the extra large metal round brush, and the small round brush
jewelry worn daily: silver scarab pendant on a very thin silver chain
pillow cover: multi-colored with natural earthy designs on it
coffee cup: coffee isn't my thing so you won't catch me calling my mugs coffee cups
sunglasses: I just got new ones from Wal-Mart because I lost my old ones that I bought at some grovery store outside of Chicago last summer because I had lost my other ones. They're cute though.
shoes: Uhm, I have far too many shoes to list, but none of them are on my feet right now
nailpolish: Just Peachy on my toenails and clear on my fingernails
keychain: Somehow people started giving me keychains from places they've been, so I have a cute little on from Hawaii with a gecko on it and one from the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, and I just added a new one made of pewter: it's one of those smiling theatrical faces with a black mask
computer: HP Pavillion
favorite top: my crazy dark green t-shirt with black trees all over it
favorite pants: gotta be the new khaki's from The Gap
shampoo/conditioner: Panteen Pro-V
perfume: I rarely wear perfume, but when I do it's Sunflowers or Colors
car: burgundy Toyota 4Runner. I love my car.
television & stereo: Ones that work. Why is this important?
telephone: a cordless that goes dead at the most inopportune times
cellphone: Uh, I don't have one anymore. ::cries::
watch: Brand spankin' new silver banded watch with a pale blue face
computer chair: a comfy blue chair with arm rests that are way too high.
keyboard: one with keys that have the letters faded off
printer: yep, I have one of these, too
scanner: UMAX Astra 1220U which is now a candle holder
lamp: funky tiffany shade rip off
desk: my desk of preference is my beautiful oak armoire, but that's in the living room so I'm using a wrap around desk with not enough space

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