Okay, so nothing special this time ... a few thoughts I need to get through, though.

We're watching The Breakfast Club and drinking soda and I am smoking entirely too much. Stormy wants a nap. I hardly think this is fair. I mean, really... I can't nap so nobody naps! Maybe I'll name her my surrogate napper.

While perusing The Penny Arcade yesterday I found this lovely site. Now, I'm all about this kind of nifty soap, but uh -- I dunno... can I trust these people? Of course, can I trust the corporations mass producing soaps?? And uh, if I'm paranoid after ONE HOUR of blogging, imagine me in 23 more. Oh help me.

Soo .. Claire and Bender are talking in the closet on The Breakfast Club and about to kiss. Le sigh. Oh! What movies will I be watching tonight? Heehee -- ALL girly movies, all the time. I was going to tell you but Stormy says "Make 'em wait!". So you'll know when the reviews come out. IF I can review while crying, that is.

Breakfast Club is over -- and with my insane desire to make sure I am posting when I am supposed to be and NOT about nothing at all -- I missed most of it. Grr. This better not be recurring.

So I'm off to take more pics and hopefully find some food. I think I might need a little nourishment today.

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