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A very good friend of mine told me recently about her sister. Her sister is freshly black and blue with a husband sitting in a jail cell. And it's not the first time it's happened. This time, however, the husband shall remain in jail and the sister shall go to a safe house.

This angers me. It makes me sad. It makes me want to rush over to my friend's home and talk to her sister and give her hugs and support and tell her it will all be okay ...

But it is so difficult for women to leave ... and stay away ... from these abusive relationships. Once you've been victimized, tormented, put down, and controlled by someone you once put all your hope in -- someone you trusted and loved and gave your life to -- it becomes difficult to believe in yourself.

It becomes difficult to simply exist. To just breathe in and out.

When you spend all your energy on survival, there's little left for anything else.

But I know my friend's sister has the strength to survive, just as deep down we all do. And I know that she can make it, and she will, and that her decisions are the right ones. And I hope she knows this, too.

But with this post, I'm sending out warm wishes and soft spoken prayers and good healthy vibes to all the women in the world that find themselves in circumstances they are unable to control, situations that push them into thinking they are not worth the effort to get help, and environments that breed fear. With this post, I am wiping away tears and knowing that it's not enough to worry or feel badly for people in places that lack even the lowest human rights ... you have to do something. So a plan is forming ... a way for me to get more involved ... but first, I think ... well, I know -- it's time to start thinking about my own situation a lot more.

Funny how someone elses tragedy can cause so much reflection in your own life. I know I'm rambling now -- but I can't much help it. It's always been easy for me to help others, and impossible for me to accept my life for what it is.

Hm. The times, they are a'changin.

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