As promised, I'm taking emotions and describing how I see them as people. Trever was the first to make a request. He wanted to know what Hope looks like through my eyes. She was thought up and completed in these past 20ish minutes. Soo... without further ado, I give you...

Emotion: Hope

Hope is a small child, her features a bit chubby and cherub like. She walks with silent footsteps; your only knowledge of her presence is the soft giggling that can be heard -- a whisper of gaiety surrounding her tiny form. She has long golden hair that falls down her back in perfect soft ringlets. Her eyes are wide and innocent, gleaming cerulean blue. Hope is always seen with a warm smile on her face, and something about her expression lifts your soul and fills you with peace -- leaving you exalted in the knowledge that anything is possible. She wears a white cotton gown, decorated with laces and ribbons, and carries with her an assortment of toys and playthings. She is often seen in the corner of one's mind, sitting happily with a faraway look in her eyes. Hope is bathed in a halo of white light, giving her an ethereal quality that urges you to want to capture her for yourself and hold onto her always.

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