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A million thank you's to my sponsors: Matt, Trever, Ali & Chris, my lovely momola, the little matchgirl, and Crystal. You're making a difference and you made me a very happy girl.

So ... how does one prepare for a blogathon? 24 hours of nonstop insanity. I'm not quite sure how you prepare -- but here's what I did...

First of all, I called in the back up. Ms. Stormy and Paige are here to keep me UP all night. Stormy just may fall asleep but I'm fairly certain Paige is here for the duration.

And, what slumber party-esque night is complete without facials and make-overs? That's right folks, we're packing face masks and we know how to use them. Expect more pictures later. Because by 3am, I surely won't care.

And there are movies ... lots of movies. In fact, there are lots of girly cry-til-your-eyes-burn-and-head-explodes movies. Should be fun. How easy can you type at 5am while sobbing to a love story?

Last but not least, there will be a hell of a lot of chai. And that's all I've got to say about that.

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Hm hm and hm ... what else? I'm not sure. But I've got my list (though a bit scattered) of Emotion People to do ... feel free to send me more ideas at kellsane@cs.com or nag me on AIM at Kellsane. Trust me, I'll be here! Heh.

Let the games begin...

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