I have decided to begin a daily feature here. I'm not sure that it will be of interest to anyone, but I like it, so that's what matters. I'm probably the only one reading this anyway. Yes, I come read my own blogger to see if I've said anything witty lately. Afterall, emode.com says I am not myself, so I figured I might come around when I'm not watching and say something original.

Anyway, the soon to come feature will be a daily link to a fairy tale. I am a fairy tale girl, after all, so I deem it fitting.

For now, though, reasons why I am not symmetrically correct:
* My left eyebrow is approximately 1/4" inch higher than my right, maybe less. Most people don't notice this (yes, I ask), but to me, I feel like I always have one eyebow arched up in a 'don't you wish you knew what I was thinking?' smirking sort of facial expression. It irritates me.
* My right foot is smaller than my left. I am certain of this, as my right foot never fits perfectly inside my shoes, causing my heel to slip up and almost out of tennis shoes while walking.
* My doctor informed me that my right leg is slightly longer than my left. What is up with that?
* I am double-jointed in my left thumb. What a place for double-jointedness.

I'm sure this would be a more shocking or thought provoking list if I were missing a body part or had six toes on one foot or something, but I don't. I do, however, have a perfectly straight scar running across my right cheek, from the bridge of my nose to the outside corner of my eye. Not exactly shocking, but another difference in the two sides of me.

Or something. Next time, ways I am losing my mind. (If this hasn't already proved that)

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