And lo, she went to the theatre and there was much rejoicing.

Many thanks to Skye, who told me to go see The Mexican. It was better than I had hoped, and made for a good night out.

One of my favorite quotes of the movie: (Leroy/Winston) I'm just here to control funkiness.

Heard on the way TO the movie: (Local DJ) Let me be the soundtrack for your night.

Thought on the way FROM the movie: Driving down a foggy dark country road. Heading towards two glowing red orbs which tell me I must slow to a stop. I'm reminded of a fire breathing dragon. Have I lost my mind?

Second thought on the way home: If I stood still at this intersection forever, cars would keep moving, familes would keep sleeping, the earth would keep spinning. Live or dead, this world keeps going. I don't effect a thing. Yes, I have lost my mind.

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