I seem to be missing something. I lost it. I'm not sure where I put it, or when (if ever!) I had it last. But I can state with the utmost assurance that it is definitely gone. If you see it, would you mind returning it to me?

What is it..? Oh. Well, see -- I'm not exactly sure. I just know I lost it. I wish I could be more help, but ... well, I just can't.

It's very odd to have such an overwhelming sense of loss without knowing what it is for. It's this deep rooted desire to find something, to keep looking, to never stop searching for whatever it is. It's a cold, empty feeling. A thing that at times you forget, but somehow it always creeps back into your mind ...

Keep looking ... it's out there ... keep moving ... you will find it.

Only, how do you look for something when you aren't sure what it is? And how do you find something when you aren't sure where to look? This is a disturbing thing to me.

Word of the day: Hollow

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