It's time to blog! Yee-haw and stuff!

I've been watching a string of sad "boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl loves boy, boy and girl can never be together and end up living sad pathetic lives yearning for each other or dying too young" movies lately. I can't figure out why. These movies always make me sob like a baby. I know this. In fact, I purposely watched one the other night knowing how sad it was as I had seen it before, and looking forward to crying at the end!

What kind of masochistic freak am I?

There has to be an easy explanation to this. Maybe I just need to cry. I can't seem to find a way to cry over my own sad situation, so I look for others to cry at. Or maybe I am such a freak that I just crave constant emotional turmoil. Hard to say, really.

It's funny -- in the past couple of weeks I have gone from being completely stubborn and not telling anyone about my personal strife, to telling nearly all my friends. I think there is a fine line between leaning on friends for occasional support and falling at their feet and becoming a chronic whiner.

Hi, my name is Kelly. I'm a chronic whiner.

So, todays major decision? No more whining. No more leaning. Things were going better when I kept it all in. Somehow I felt less, no one was asking me how I was. I didn't have to worry that friends were growing weary of listening to the neverending grumbling about the woes of life that I seem constantly able to spit out.

Yep folks, I've reclaimed the world and am hoisting it up onto my back once more! Wish me luck.

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