Woo. Last night was incredible. There is something about getting swept up in a crowd of strangers, all enjoying the same live music. I really do enjoy that. Me, Shannon and Bill went to Dallas and saw three bands. Pinkston, The Adventures of Jet, and Baboon.

Pinkston is my sis's favorite band. Bill likened them to a calmer Hole, or something. I don't see it, but since Hole is her all-time favorite band on Earth, that might make sense. Beth, the lead singer, has an amazing voice. I enjoyed her set last night, though it was the first of the evening, and pretty low-key.

The Adventures of Jet needs to stop playing music for the better of all humankind. The best part about watching them was, quite literally, just watching them. The drummer (God, *what* is my deal with drummers?) was particularly yummy looking. The bassist had a big blonde afro going on, the lead singer appeared to have ADD, and the lead guitarist was bald, and played with his mouth wide open. I would comment on their music, but I just really don't care to. Plus, the link is above, so you can go see for yourself. If you're into torture.

Baboon, as usual, rocked. They played a *much* softer set than usual, but it didn't matter. Baboon is amazing. They were all wearing silky scarves around their necks, and if that was some sort of statement, I missed it. Normally, the drummer is silver from head to toe (literally, with some sort of paint, I assume) and wears a horses head. It's always an interesting show. Unfortunately, the four other people with us decided Baboon wasn't hardcore enough for them, and described the scene as the "library and cafe people" type.

That confused me.

But, oh well. We left anyway. On the way back to the car, we passed by a few tatoo parlors. I drooled, but kept on moving. I honestly don't know if I'm not getting one because of the pain factor, or the fear that next month I'll wish I had gotten something different.

Anyway, that was my exciting night out. When we got home, we played video games til dawn. All in all, it was pretty fun. AND, I felt completely comfortable when out at the club, which was cool. We got into a discussion on bands selling out and commercializing themselves to get ahead. Shannon doesn't think Pinkston has gone commercial, regardless of all the marketing they do. Everyone has to market, she says. Which is true. When I think of someone going commercial, it's something in the music. I hate to see a band change their music to fit into big business' idea of a money band. But I think everyone does that, if even in a small way.

But what do I know? *grins* I'm just a girl in the world.

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