Meet my new friend, Puck. He is just the cutest guy. Right now he is asleep on my tummy. Aww. Funny what we do for the things we love. I am scooted way down in my chair just to make him a spot to lie on me and be comfy. One of my favorite writers, Karawynn, has an article about potty training cats. Hm. I think it would be great to never have to change another litter box. But ... well, I'm not sold on the idea yet.

Anyway. Isn't Puck that cutest little thing?? I love him. Oh, but Steven calls him Random. So the poor thing doesn't really have a name yet. R joked that we should call him Random Puck. Ha. And he says no one will understand the reference of Puck's name, and think I mean a hockey puck. Sheesh.

I prefer to believe people read more than that.

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