It's Olympic time again. Normally, I don't watch the games. I'm odd like that, and have refused to watch in the past for different reasons. This year, I thought I might try to watch.

So far, I haven't found a good reason to watch. I'm disappointed in several things, one of them being the fact that I decided to view 'the games' when I know how I react to such things.

To begin with, the commentary is enough to make me cringe. Where are these people from?? And are other people noticing the things being said? A few of my favorite (heh) examples:

"I hope she took it in small doses, or at least lived to tell about it." [When talking about a Chinese volleyball player that had previously taken some form of drug. Obviously, since she is playing in this years games, she lived to tell about it.]

"Now, for three of these women, they're about to hear a very familiar song." [Said about three of the four women on the U.S swim team, which had previously won gold medals. Apparently, the National Anthem is only familiar to people that own gold medals.]

There was also the guy that made fun of the French female bicyclist's (I believe it was Felicia Ballanger on the Women 500m) facial expression as she began her time trial. I'm sure that, as a woman, she was very concerned about what her face looked like. When the reporter saw her face, he thought of a rude comment. When I saw it, I saw the face of a women that KNEW without a doubt, she was going to take home the Gold. And she did.

Add these things to the fact that the only (or the majority) of the coverage we see is the American teams. I would imagine there are some people (like ME, damn it) that care about how different countries are doing.

There was more, but since I was watching at, oh -- sometime after 12am, I don't recall them. This is probably a good thing, as I was getting more and more upset last night.

I know I'm not the most intelligent person, and I certainly have more than my fair share of mistakes. I like to think, however, that if I were a journalist doing commentary for a worldwide event, I might take a little more care to the things I said.

But then, I like to think that people care. A friend of mine said to me, and I quote, "Everything about the Olympics is done half ass these days.".

Sad, but true. As with everything else in our society. I guess we just don't have time to be concerned with quality.

We're too busy living our McLives.

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