#EveryDayinMay - Wanderlust Wednesday

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Dear Reader, as you know (if you have been paying close attention), The Husband and I have been meticulously planning our trip to Arkansas in July to hike a good portion of the OHT. Things have been purchased, books have been read, foods are being prepared.

One detail I thought would be especially helpful would be to actually go on at least one overnight hike nearby beforehand to test out our equipment, get some more time in my space-age boots, and basically convince myself I won't die whilst wandering about in the woods.

The Husband thought this a grand idea -- mostly because any idea that revolves around being outdoors and away from civilization is about as close to his idea of paradise as possible.

So -- we go!

Where are we going? I'm not sure yet. One possibility I found is the Green Corridor in Ray Roberts Lake State Park. There's plenty of hiking, and it looks like a beautiful place to spend the night, but I don't see the potential for getting away from it all -- no primitive camping, for one thing. I'm really hoping for a place that better mimics the wilderness of the OHT, and I have a feeling that will be difficult to find in Texas. People in the Lone Star State heart their parking lot campsites, yo.

Also, let's discuss this for a moment:
What? Wait. What?!
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I don't even know what kind of snake this is, but it's a snake and just the picture freaks me smooth out. You guys. You guys. I cannot. I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly terrified I am of this snake situation.

Okay, I know snakes just come with the territory (ha). I get that. They're out there just doing their snake thing, and I'm supposed to scoot around them like a ninja and hope they don't see me.

Except they will.

One website I read helpfully informed me that snakes like to go out at night and have snake parties, so if you're going to be traipsing around in the dark, best take a flashlight and, oh, I don't know, a flame thrower or something, lest ye be mauled by 800 snakes that were just trying to enjoy the nightlife when you walked in and ruined all the fun.

So basically it doesn't matter where I end up, because snakes will definitely be there. It won't keep me from going, and I feel like being out in the great beyond surrounded by certain snake death, and ultimately surviving the dread terror will somehow make me a better person.

Or a dead person.

We'll have to wait and see. And we won't have to wait long, because The Husband and I are headed out to our currently unknown overnight location in just a couple of weeks. I'm actually looking forward to it, above snake paranoia aside. The wilderness is calling, and all that jazz.

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