#EveryDayinMay - Much Ado About Nothing

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A short post, but a good one. I'm watching Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, which I knew about when it was close to coming out way back in 2012, and then somehow forgot and never heard of it again! How is this possible? This is not a film that should have faded into the background.

The powerful scene of Beatrice's outrage after Hero's honor has been ruined may be one of my new favorite monologues. And Benedick's ridiculous exercise spectacle? Oh, the perfection.

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O God! That I were a man! I would eat his heart in the marketplace!
You tell 'em, Beatrice!

Sad for me that I had to wait so long to enjoy this contemporary remake, but happy happy day that I found it on Netflix tonight!

Filmed in only 12 days, and in lovely black and white, Much Ado is a delight. Oh! And every scrumptious word is in Elizabethan speech. Huzzah!

Still not convinced? Did I mention Nathan Fillion has a delicious little role in this film? Really? That doesn't do it for you? What kind of animal are you?

Okay, fine. Watch this and then get thee to Netflix!

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