#EveryDayinMay Soon, June.

Soon, June.

And a million new newnesses to explore.

In May I realized I love writing each day when my voice feels authentic. Imagine that.

I love the #WanderlustWednesday post that somehow materialized here, and the #TuesdayTen I stole from Crystal. #PoetryFriday will remain a constant favorite, because I just wouldn't be me without poetry. And I love sharing how I look at a poem and work with it in a writing lesson. I may add one more weekly post; something writerly related -- especially since the whole month of June I'll be in a writing class!

In March I wrote each day, but with the focus on sharing a slice of my life every day I somehow felt contained and struggled to find something worthwhile to share with each post. May was easier, and I feel as though I learned more from it.

And in June... well, June will see me in class, hopefully doing some swimming, visiting with my mom, trying some new recipes, and planning for my ever-evolving weeklong backpacking trip in July.

This year I chose light as my one little word, and the first five months have felt anything but light. 2014 has been overpacked with people and classes and projects and life and yes, even death. And there is so much more yet to discover in this year. Perhaps when I chose light, I didn't realize I was choosing not the breezy, airiness I hoped for, but the bold brilliance of a perfect sunrise. Because that's what this year has felt like so far; constant discovery, continual exploration.

And brilliant, every second of it.

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