#SOL14 - So much depends upon...

Tonight I (finally) remembered my original Blogger account email. (So much depends upon a forgotten email address...) This may not be important to you, but it is infinitely important to me because ever since Blogger and Google got hitched, I haven't had admin rights to this blog.

This is what happens when you start a blog a million years ago, create a gmail account, then Blogger marries Google and screws everything up. Lucky for me, I finally was able to log back in with my old info and give admin rights back to the account I now use to access this blog.

Holy cats, is that confusing or what?

And there is an even brighter side to this little tidbit! By logging into my original Blogger account, I was able to read through many old posts on other blogs I owned years ago. Reading old blogs is a bit like thumbing through old photo albums -- there are gems hiding that you've forgotten that will warm your heart and make your breath catch in your throat. It was a needed reminder of the places I've been, the battles I've struggled through, and where I stand now.

I found a poem from 2001 on a secret blog I wrote during the early part of that year, with the posts being private so that I had a place to write that no one could access but myself. It reminded me how strong I am, even when I feel very very small.

Doubly thankful for remembering old emails tonight. Be on the lookout for some design changes happening on this blog soon!


  1. Hurray! I hate those kind of techno issues! So fun, I'll bet, to look back and think about who you were then.

  2. What a happy post. I'm so fearful of having some account that I can't connect too because of lost email. Finding yours seems to be a bit of a lost treasure.